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  • Rob Shipley
    “I have just received my finger inserts. These were ordered based on the marked sizes in three of my balls. The new XXX brand inserts are all over-sized and in consequence too loose to use. BP take the position I should have known this could happen and offered no help. Since I had paid $6 shipping to get my 5 inserts I'm not going order more in the hope that the next set will be better if I have to pay shipping again. They were relatively cheap and I would have been willing to pay for more if they would have waived the (expensive) shipping but this idea was swiftly stomped on. DO NOT BUY finger inserts unless you know their non standard sizing will work for you. NOT a Bowlers Paradise when you need help and not all their items are as advertised. I have bought several items from them in the past but there aren't going to be any more in the future. ” 
    Rob Shipley July 18, 2018