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Motiv Chronic Paranoia Bowling Ball

    Motiv Chronic Paranoia Bowling Ball

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    Capable of striking from many angles on a variety of medium oil patterns, the Chronic Paranoia™ is an incredibly versatile benchmark ball.

    The dual density Oblivion core gives the Chronic Paranoia easy length with a strong down lane motion and incredible continuation. The 15# model features a 2.53 RG and .047 differential.

    By combining the Oblivion core with the new Agitator Solid Reactive cover technology, MOTIV® pushes the performance of the Chronic Paranoia to a higher level. This new cover produces the right amount of traction in the mid-lane with a powerful backend motion that blends the wet/dry transition as you would expect from the perfect benchmark ball.

    The Chronic Paranoia is a medium oil, moderately angular ball that will provide almost every bowler with a great reaction on many types of oil patterns. Rev dominant players will be able to use it to open up the lane while speed dominant players will have no trouble seeing continuation when playing straighter.


    • Color: Violet / Lime Solid (Actual ball color may vary.)
    • Core Type: Oblivion
    • Coverstock: Agitator Solid Reactive - NEW!
    • Factory Finish: 4000 Grit LSS
    • RG: 15# 2.53
    • RG diff: 15# .047
    • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil / Benchmark


    1 Year Complete Warranty

    1. Chronic Paranoia! Review by wya_rya

      Paranoia... it can be a terrible thing when it consumes someone. Nothing can compare to it in that person’s mind…. It can be seen as if it may never go away… long-lasting… chronic (see what I did there). Never fear my friends, such a thing would not be something for you to bare. No, No. The same cannot be said for your opponents however… MOTIV’s new piece to their ever expanding arsenal force them to speak the very problem they will be face with once you pull it out of your bag, Chronic Paranoia.
      Building off of the success we have seen with the original Paranoia, MOTIV has decided to take Oblivion core and warp it in a solid coverstock! The beauty of the new Agitator Solid Reactive cover is that it is capable of providing incredible versatility that we can expect from what we are considering a new benchmark piece in your bag.
      What I have seen with the Chronic Paranoia is that it comes ‘As advertised’, and that is what I love most about it. I have always favored smoother ball reactions as you have seen in my previous reviews. A bowler’s competiveness/longevity can always be measured by their versatility. When a ball can allow you to blend out patterns and play from different angles; that is the essence of versatility, which the Chronic delivers on. I have my Chronic specifically placed aside and reserved for my tournament bag for this very reason. I have thrown it in league play and the ball reaction does not disappoint, its transition through the mid-lane does not waiver in the slightest regardless of the angle I take, more squared up shot versus opening up the pattern. Although I have not rolled it on a shot were the heads were rather toasty, the Chronic is one of the first pieces out of my bag when I want to play the lanes more squared up and basically ‘Keep it simple stupid’. This approach allows me to keep my moves and adjustments minimal as long as possible until finally I need to make the big jump.
      Ryan Wyandt
      MOTIV Staff Member
      West Lawn, PA
      Follow me on Twitter: @rwyandt869
      (Posted on 2/28/2017)

    2. #Chronic Madness Review by Mags

      Chronic Paranoia | #Chronicmadness

      Description: The Chronic Paranoia uses the same Oblivion Dual Density Core as the original Paranoia. This time though instead of the Agitator Pearl Reactive Coverstock, the Chronic has a Solid version.

      Reaction: This release is very simple...it's a benchmark ball and it’s designed to be used on all but extreme conditions. The Chronic Paranoia is meant for many scenarios:
      1) Angular balls are responding too fast to friction, or
      2) Smooth balls are responding too slow to friction, or
      3) Light to light/medium oil balls are too weak, or
      4) Heavy oil to medium/heavy oil balls are too strong
      The Chronic Paranoia is going to be an asset whether you’re bowling on a house pattern to the most difficult of patterns. I’ve found that the Chronic Paranoia is very user friendly when it comes to surface alterations. I personally really like to stick with a particular surface on a ball once it is successful. However, I’ve actually liked the Chronic Paranoia out of the box, adding additional surface and even polishing it thus far. This is something crucial in a successful benchmark ball. I’ve always had MOTIV’s benchmark ball in my bag, from the Sigma Sting to the Forza Redline, I have had great success with these balls. I feel the Chronic Paranoia is going to replace those very well, being stronger in the oil than it’s predecessors in order to conquer modern day oil.
      Comparisons: The Chronic Paranoia is very well complemented with other balls in production by MOTIV. To start, the Forza GT is earlier and smoother, but only barely stronger in overall hook potential. It is also worth noting on some conditions the Chronic Paranoia may potentially look like it hooks more because it provides more down lane hook than a Forza GT. Next, the Original Paranoia is a little cleaner and provides a faster response to friction, but is weaker in terms of hook potential.

      Summary: Every ball that MOTIV currently produces surrounds this benchmark ball. Whether you're looking to enhance your current arsenal or start an arsenal from scratch this ball is a necessity. It's that ball you throw to start practice before competition, because it reads the lanes so well and dictates what ball you should be using.
      YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYkE92JKfH4
      Mike Magolan
      MOTIV | Turbo | Bowlifi | Genesis | Bowlerx.com Regional Staff
      (Posted on 11/23/2016)

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