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Hammer Scandal Pearl Bowling Ball

    Hammer Scandal Pearl Bowling Ball

    • Item# 0000106-000882
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    Benefits: *Fast Turnaround - just a few days to process claims *We pay freight back to the warehouse *We pay freight back to you Conditions: *Must be purchased with item at time of original order *Must be a manufacturing defect, not normal wear and tear *THIS OFFER ONLY APPLICABLE IN THE CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES

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    Ordering a perfect-fitting pair of shoes online can be a real challenge! Bowling shoes may not fit the same as street shoes or sneakers. Different manufacturers and different materials mean different cutting styles and fits. Heels too loose? Toes too tight? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just send those shoes back at no cost and get the next size up or down?

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    Drilling Insurance (optional) $9.95

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    Insurance Details:
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    • Drilling Insurance must be purchased at the same time the ball is purchased.
    • Drilling Insurance is only available to residents living in the Contiguous U.S.
    • Ball must be returned to our location for inspection along with a receipt for proof of drilling (we pay freight back to you).
    • If ball is being drilled by us, drilling insurance is NOT required.

    Basic Drilling Service


    WeThis Basic Drilling Service includes the best inexpensive drilling available. Get your bowling ball ready for the game. This is the best drilling service option for recreational bowlers who are getting their first custom-fit bowling ball. This affordable drilling service often costs $50 or more through other companies, but you can get expert drilling right here at a great deal. Our standard drilling option come in five basic sizes: ( X-Small , Small , Medium , Large , X-Large )

    Basic Drilling Service Measurement Chart

    Middle Finger2-3/8"2-5/8"2-7/8"3-1/8"3-3/8"
    Ring Finger2-1/2"2-3/4"3"3-1/4"3-1/2"
    Hole Sizes
    Middle Finger11/16"3/4"13/16"7/8"15/16"
    Ring Finger5/8"11/16"3/4"13/16"7/8"

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    FCC Rating (25.5)
    The Scandal Pearl is Hammer’s strongest pearlized ball to date. Our carbon fiber technology has knocked another one out of the park.

    FINISH (7.25)
    This 500/1000 AbralonTM Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish finish on the Semtex Pearl CFI coverstock gives this angular monster the ability to handle medium to heavy oil patterns.

    CORE (8.75)
    Hammer’s strongest symmetrical core, the Scandal core, is back and this time it is wrapped with Hammers Semtex Pearl CFI cover.

    COVER (9.5)
    Chemical Friction, blah, blah. Mechanical Friction, blah, blah. We got your friction! Our new Semtex Pearl CFI cover puts the flip in skid/ flip. Hammer Scandal Pearl– The new Scandal Pearl is here to create some controversy. A ball that rolls this good can’t possibly be legal, can it? Well, it is. The new Semtex Pearl CFI cover has perfectly bonded together mid lane control with unmatched back end angularity. Get ready to create a Scandal.


    • Color: Green/Smoke/Gold (Actual ball color may vary.)
    • Core: Scandal
    • Core Type: Symmetrical
    • Coverstock: Semtex Pearl CFI
    • Finish: 500/1000 Abralon® Polished w/ Powerhouse™ Factory Finish Polish
    • Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil
    • #16 RG (2.49) Diff (.047)
      #15 RG (2.48) Diff (.054)
      #14 RG (2.49) Diff (.055)
      #13 RG (2.56) Diff (.030)
      #12 RG (2.63) Diff (.025)


    3 Year Warranty

    1. Strong Pearlized Ball from Hammer Review by Michael Thompson

      I simply love my Scandal and the new Scandal Pearl is the strongest pearl ball that Hammer has ever made. With that in mind, I drilled the Pearl similar to my Scandal to compliment each other and it is exactly what I wanted. The pearlized cover is clean enough, but does not offer an over/under reaction due to the strong core of the Scandal. When moving in with my Scandal and started leaving weak 10s, the Scandal Pearl is helps get down the lane and offer more backend motion to kick out the 10. The Scandal Pearl still offers the a new technology that infuses Carbon Fiber into the coverstock to offer the most hooking potential in a pearlized coverstock for the Hammer brand on the heavier medium to heavy lane patterns. The great thing about this strong rolling piece is you can keep moving left and the ball does not stop moving toward the pocket. The Scandal Pearl is about 3-5 less than my Scandal & about 3-5 more boards than my RebeL I am really impressed with this ball motion from the Hammer brand.
      I took a little shine off (light 3000 pad) my Scandal Pearl as it was a little too long for my liking! You can use this ball on the fresh House patterns for all 3 games and various medium / medium heavier lane patterns.

      With the new 3 year warrantee that Hammer provides for this ball, this is the BEST bang for your buck!

      I think this ball will be a must have ball for those that are looking for something offers a great motion that does not stop rolling in the backend – it really continues through the pin deck! Very versatile ball… You will be impressed! (Posted on 10/8/2016)

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