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900Global Boost Hybrid Blue Black Bowling Ball

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Double The Warranty

We'll DOUBLE the manufacturer's warranty up to an additional year for only $4.95!
You'll bypass the lengthy manufacturer's claims process and work directly with us! No additional costs of any kind.

Benefits: *Fast Turnaround - just a few days to process claims *We pay freight back to the warehouse *We pay freight back to you Conditions: *Must be purchased with item at time of original order *Must be a manufacturing defect, not normal wear and tear *THIS OFFER ONLY APPLICABLE IN THE CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES

Price: $4.95

The Perfect Fit Plan

Ordering a perfect-fitting pair of shoes online can be a real challenge! Bowling shoes may not fit the same as street shoes or sneakers. Different manufacturers and different materials mean different cutting styles and fits. Heels too loose? Toes too tight? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just send those shoes back at no cost and get the next size up or down?

Of course, you can always send unused shoes back, but the cost of shipping can really add up! A second trip back and forth the country can easily cost you $30-$40 before your feet are finally snug.

That’s why we offer the Perfect Fit Plan. When you purchase the plan together with your shoes, you are guaranteed the perfect fit without paying any additional shipping charges. We will issue you a shipping label to send your shoes back and have the correct ones delivered to you free of charge using FedEx Ground Service (continental US residents only).

Exchange Policy: Shoes must be returned in new condition with no visible wear. Shoes must be returned with original packaging protected by an outer box. Claims must be within 10 days of delivery. This offer is only applicable for 1 exchange. Issuing a shipping label does not mean the package will be picked up from your home/office. You will need to drop the package off at your local FedEx shipping location.

Drilling Insurance (optional) $9.95

We will replace your bowling ball free of charge if it cracks during drilling by a pro shop. Ball drillers are not held liable and manufacturers don't typically cover cracking during drilling.

Insurance Details:
  • Ball must be drilled within 10 days of delivery.
  • Drilling Insurance must be purchased at the same time the ball is purchased.
  • Drilling Insurance is only available to residents living in the Contiguous U.S.
  • Ball must be returned to our location for inspection along with a receipt for proof of drilling (we pay freight back to you).
  • If ball is being drilled by us, drilling insurance is NOT required.

Basic Drilling Service


This option is best for recreational bowlers who are getting their first bowling ball or have not had a ball professionally fit for them. Getting a ball drilled at your local pro shop can cost up to $50 or more. Our standard drilling options come in five basic sizes: ( X-Small , Small , Medium , Large , X-Large )

Basic Drilling Service Measurement Chart

  X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Middle Finger 2-3/8" 2-5/8" 2-7/8" 3-1/8" 3-3/8"
Ring Finger 2-1/2" 2-3/4" 3" 3-1/4" 3-1/2"
Hole Sizes
Middle Finger 11/16" 3/4" 13/16" 7/8" 15/16"
Ring Finger 5/8" 11/16" 3/4" 13/16" 7/8"
Thumb 3/4" 27/32" 29/32" 31/32" 1-1/32"

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Regular Price: $139.99

Special Price $84.95




The Boost will be the perfect choice for a longer look on drier lanes. Whether you’re just stepping into your first reactive ball or an experienced bowler filling in your arsenal, every bag needs a Boost.

The classic S43 Hybrid Coverstock creates length downlane, perfect for drier oil conditions.
The Launch Symmetric core enables a sharp turn and pop off the spot at the breakpoint.
The Boost is YOUR Dry Lane Ball!


Coverstock: S43 Hybrid
Color: Blue Pearl/Black Solid (Actual ball color may vary.)
Finish: 2000 Grit, Polish
Core: Launch Symmetric
Flare Potential: 4-5"
RG: 16# 2.52, 15# 2.54, 14# 2.56, 13# 2.58, 12# 2.61, 11# 2.70, 10# 2.77 Diff: 16# 0.045, 15# 0.043, 14# 0.041, 13# 0.041, 12# 0.039, 11# 0.018, 10# 0.030 Lane Condition: Dry


1 Year Complete Warranty


Customer Reviews

900 Global Boost Hybrid Review by Hans
Pin Length: 3" - 3.5"
Starting Top Weight: 3oz
Ball Weight: 15lbs, 3oz

Pin to PAP: 5"
CG to PAP: 3-3/8"
Dual Angle: 48*x5"x45*

Ball Speed: 15.5 - 16
PAP: 5-1/4" (right), 7/8" (up)

Grit: OOB

Length: 35' & 40'
Volume: Medium, Dry
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS, Kegal's Boardwalk

Clean through the heads and predictable ball motion. Back end is a very smooth and controllable ball motion. This ball combines the core from the Wisdom and the from the Hook! series. If you want a ball for light or medium conditions then this is the perfect fit. I found success with this ball on broken down shots or lower volume conditions. Compared to a Hook!, this ball will be longer and not read the midlane so aggressively.
Hans Schell, 900 Global Regional Staff; Colorado Springs, CO (Posted on 4/14/2015)
Great Review by Jimmy Casteel
Drilling: Pin between fingers stacked
Surface: OOB
Lane condition: 41ft THS
Description: This ball is the one to go to when the lanes begin to get fried. As an entry level reactive ball, this does not fair well in oil, unless you want to play extreme direct angles. One thing I can say about this ball is that it definitely does not hit like an entry level reactive. The color scheme on this series is amazingly bright and will have great shelf appeal. The brighter the colors, the more popular the ball it seems to be lately, so AMF 300 hit the nail on the head with the Xcite series.
(Posted on 11/11/2014)
Great bang for the buck! Review by Heavytop4
Finally a dry lane ball that performs as it says! Drilled up the Boost Hybrid 5" pin from PAP, box finish. Extremely pleased to see tons of length, even on broken down house shot in track area. NO early hook whatsoever for me. What it does have is a consistent hard charging backend! No over/under on dry pattern. I was able to play just inside track area with room to tug (a little) and tons of room to miss right. Powerful backend had pins dancing all over. Great light hit carry ball for me. Bang for the buck here big time. Love the hybrid cover, very easy to tweak surface. An A pad gave me earlier roll, smoother backend that let me use this ball during 1st game of league play in track area.
(Posted on 10/15/2014)
A sure Boost to your game! Review by thesorce
Today’s lane conditions dictate that we need to have an arsenal that includes a dry lane piece. Global has introduced the perfect selection for that need: the Boost. The combination of the Launch symmetric weight block and the S43 Hybrid cover make an awesome pairing for that ball to use on drier lane conditions.

The Boost shows great length to get through those chopped up heads and mids that we all encounter late in league night or later on in tournament squads. The energy the Boost builds up is expended in the back ends as it makes a sharp break and hits the pins extremely hard. I was able to play a variety of lines with the Boost which makes it a winner in my book. I started playing very straight up the outside around 5 or 6. I then slowly moved in saw no difference in power entering the pocket.

The Boost comes in 3 very attractive color combinations, Blue/Black, Orange/Yellow and Purple/Cream. This is definitely a piece you will want to have in your arsenal. When the lanes get tricky, give your game the Boost it needs!
(Posted on 9/1/2014)
Great Performance Ball Review by mike811
The new 900 Global Boosts are a great performance ball! These balls have great eye appeal and they come in three colors Blue/Black Hybrid, Orange/Yellow Solid and Purple/Cream Pearl. The balls never over hook! Their best at home on medium to Dry Lanes. On a fresh house shot or a broken down pattern these balls always get thru the lanes smooth. There are no surprises, these balls do exactly what you want them to do, a nice clean reaction without giving up power. This is a ball for everyone! (Posted on 8/31/2014)
great ball great price Review by Sling900
Great bang for the buck. Very clean in the heads with a nice readable ball motion at the breakpoint. Excellent dry lane ball. Straight players can stay longer in the dry without having to chase the pattern in. Hook players will have a nice clean controlled ball motion. (Posted on 8/31/2014)
Boost Review by Donny
Need a dry lane ball well the 900 Global Boost Pearl, Solid, or the Hybrid is the one to go with. I was on a sand paper condition but had no problem keeping my Boost Hybrid in the pocket. When it’s dry in the heads the Boost glides through like there was some oil,
Gets great length down lane and retains enough energy for a sharp move to the pocket
for explosive pin action. Love mine and you would love yours.
Donny Carr 900 Global Staff
(Posted on 8/1/2014)

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